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University admission agency for international and EU students

EU Students in The UK is an education consultant agency based in London. We deliver UK university admission advice to international and European students. Since 2017, we are an official university representative connecting course applicants to UK universities. Today, we represent 40+ universities and Higher Education institutions across all UK regions.

Our team is made of expert education consultants who are certified by the British Council and graduated in the UK. We constantly receive training and meetings from the British Council and our partner universities.

This means that we follow best practices and our experience from hundreds of successful university applications. We can help you get admission to the right university course and meet your education and career goals.

We simplify the access to Higher Education

We give expert advice and support throughout the entire university application process. We can help you choose the courses most fitted to your expectations, chosen subject, current qualifications, English level, and preferred location while maximising your chances to enrol on a university course.

Whether you’re not sure about the study subject yet, or you’ve already got a favourite university option, our team will help at any step of the application towards university admission.

Over 95% success rate of student applications

We believe that the study decision you take today will not only affect the next 2-3 years of your life, but it will shape your entire future. We know that everyone has different needs, goals, and challenges to be considered, so we don’t offer a one-size-fit-all solution, but we take care of every application individually.

Although every application is different, and some subjects (e.g., Medicine or Law) may have high entry requirements, we are proud to claim that over 95% of our applicants are successful and receive a university offer.

Our Vision

Everyone knows why UK education attracts massive numbers of international students every year: innovative and high-quality education, courses in the English language, multicultural diversity of students, opportunities and career progression that the UK has to offer.

Given this high demand for education, universities follow strict rules and entry requirements. And with millions of courses to choose from the university application can become confusing and long.

At EU Students in The UK, we believe that what’s really important for you is to be prepared for your course studies, focus on your goals and reach those goals through your studies. That’s why our duty is to make the process the most smooth and simple as possible, so you will be less worried about the application process, and ready to achieve your goals.

Our Mission

We stand for the right of students to have access to higher education. No matter what level of education, background, or age, we’re fully committed to delivering the highest level of university education to international and European students living across the UK and the EU.

Most of our services are free and our team of education consultants can provide additional assistance with:

  • The UK education system
  • University application process and entry requirements
  • UK courses, qualification and certificate at each level
  • Online and Distance learning Degree
  • English language learning requirements
  • Course fees and scholarships
  • UCAS application: deadline, offers and clearing period
  • Child safeguarding
  • Students lifestyle issues (e.g. Living cost, cultural barrier, travel
  • How to open a UK bank account in 24H
  • UK main attractions, cities to visit and other attractive activities
  • Funding opportunity
UCAS Registered Center

Get Help to Start a University Course in the UK

Book a consultation with our education consultants to choose your university course and complete the university application.

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