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Translate diploma to English

At EU Students in the Uk, we offer diploma translation services for certified translation of international diplomas, transcripts and all documents required for UCAS university applications, from over 35 different languages into UK English.

We generally take 72 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) from receiving your request to sending you the certified translation of your documents. We offer certified translation of your documents from the following languages into UK English language:

Arabic French Polish
Bengali German Portuguese
Bosnian Greek Punjabi
Bulgarian Hindi Romanian
Catalan Hungarian Russian
Croatian Italian Slovak
Czech Japanese Slovenian
Danish Korean Spanish
Dutch Latin Swedish
Estonian Latvian Thai
Farsi Lithuanian Turkish
Finnish Norwegian Ukrainian

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    Do you need a diploma translation?

    If you’re an international or European student, chances are that your education certificates are not in English. That is why you need to translate your certificates to English before sending them with your university application for a successful and timely application process

    No matter what type of courses you’re applying for, universities in the United Kingdom will ask you for evidence of past education to check your suitability for their institute and the degrees that they offer.

    Documents required for UK university application

    Every university uses different criteria to analyse student applications, and these criteria are usually specified on the universities’ websites. In general, you will need to send evidence of your academic certificate as proof of your level of education. Check with the university for any additional academic documents they may require.

    Academic certificate

    The academic certificate is the main document required by universities and must be translated into English as it certifies your level of education and that you passed a series of exams to achieve it. An academic certificate can be any education certificate such as a high school diploma, a university degree or any certificate released by an education body.

    Academic transcript

    Also known as an academic record, an academic transcript is another important document for most university applications in the UK. This document demonstrates all of the modules you studied during your course, along with the grades you’ve achieved for each subject and the number of credits you’ve earned. If you don’t have this document, contact your previous education provider and request your academic transcript.

    Why do you need your diploma translation to be certified?

    It’s important to keep in mind that the translation of certificates cannot be done by yourself or by an unofficial translator. Universities require a certified translation of your certificates so you need to turn to a certified translator. 

    A certified translation meets the official translation policy of a country and can be used for official procedures. The translated documents are certified to be true and accurate, with the translator having the responsibility for their accuracy.

    Failing to provide a certified translation of your academic certificate could lead to the university not accepting your application, causing a delay or rejection of your application.

    Request a quote for our diploma translation services. We’ll send you a quote for a certified translation within 12 hours after receiving your documents.

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