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If you haven’t completed your high school or you have studied for less than 13 years and you decided to get your first degree in the UK, you will be required to complete a foundation year.

A foundation year is an extra year of study, which will prepare you to start an undergraduate course.

Generally, students that need to start from the Foundation year, do not meet the standard entry requirement or they have a long educational gap.

Often, students are not very sure about the subject that they want to study. Therefore, a Foundation year can help individuals to find the most suitable courses for them.

The advantages of taking an additional year of study such as the Foundation year are numerous, however the most important is that the academic qualification and English level required are lower than an undergraduate course.

Foundation year entry requirements

  1. IELTS certificate of 4.5 or equivalent (or Internal English test at University or College)
  2.  Secondary School Certificate and Transcript
  3. Personal Letter (also known as a Motivation letter)
  4. ID or Passport

Every student that has successively complete a foundation year have access to a large number of undergraduate course.

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