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EU students that have successfully completed an undergraduate course and would like to have a higher qualification can study for a Master’s degree.

Generally, a Master’s degree lasts 2 years in Europe but also in most other countries in the world. However, in the UK are also 1 year Master’s programs available, which help students to save time and a large amount of money.

Why study for a Master in the UK

EU Students that would like to get to the next level in their professional career need to have higher qualification compared to other people.

Completing a Master’s degree in the UK, in a respected and prestigious University or College can be the best investment of your life.

Firstly, the UK is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, so students are able to learn from different cultures.

Secondly, the UK has a large number of work opportunities, so it will be easy to find a job if you are qualified in this country and finally you will receive an international qualification which is recognised worldwide.

Entry requirements for a Master's degree

  1. IELTS certificate of 6.5 or equivalent (or Internal English test at University or College)
  2. Degree Certificate and Transcript
  3. Personal Letter (also known as a Motivation letter)
  4. ID or Passport

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