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Financial Help for EU Students

EU nationals who intend to study an undergraduate, foundation or postgraduate course in the UK, may be eligible to receive financial support from Student Finance such as Tuition Fee Loan and help with living costs.

Covid-19 Update

If your course starts in 2021/22 and is expected to be mostly online due to covid-19 restrictions, you will still be eligible to apply for Student Finance. Even if you won’t be able to be in the UK after the start of your course you will be allowed to study online from abroad as long, as it’s safe to do so.

Tuition Fee Loan for EU Students

Tuition Fees can vary and usually depend on the type of study courses and the educational institution offering them. Tuition fee loans are paid directly by Student Finance England to cover the cost of your course every academic year.

If you have lived in the EU for the last 3 years, you can request the following tuition fee loan for an undergraduate or foundation degree:

    • Full-time student: Up to £9,250
    • Full-time student at private institutions: Up to £6,165
    • Part-time student: Up to £6,935
    • Part-time student at private institutions: Up to £4,625

EU Student Maintenance Loan

The Maintenance Loan is for students that need help to pay for living costs such as rent and food during their undergraduate studies. Unlike Tuition fee loans, the Maintenance Loan is paid directly to the student’s bank account in three different instalments throughout the academic year.

The amount of Maintenance Loan is not equal to every student and mostly depends on students’ personal circumstances. However, the average Maintenance Loan is around £6,800.

Need Help with University Admission?

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Master Loans for EU Students

EU students that are starting a postgraduate Master’s course can get a postgraduate Master’s loan of up to £11,222 to cover both tuition fees and living costs.

EU Student Finance Eligibility

There are many factors that affect the eligibility for Student Finance England loans that generally depend on university or college, course, previous study and nationality or residency status.

Normally, to be eligible for Student Finance you must fall into one of the following categories:

  • EU national or a relative of one, who has been living in the EEA in the last 3 years before the course start date
  • Citizens from EEA and Switzerland or a relative of one, who has been living in the EEA in the last 3 years before the course start date
  • EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals living in the EEA in the last 3 years before the course start date and working in the UK or starting a new job from the course start date

Brexit Update: EU Student Finance after 2021

If your course starts after August 2021, you must have a pre-settled or settled status under the EU settlement scheme to be eligible to pay home fees (as UK students) and to receive Student Finance support.

All EU students coming to the UK after 1 January 2021 must apply for a student visa and won’t be eligible for home fees and Student Finance support.

Read more about new regulations for EU Students after Brexit.

Extra Help

Some students may be entitled to receive extra amounts of money if any of the below applies to them:

  • Single parent or single foster parent
  • Have a partner that is studying full-time, and one parent is responsible for a child
  • Have a disability
  • Have been recognised as incapable of work

Student Finance England will require additional evidence to pay additional funds to students, so it is recommended to prepare the documentation well in advance before applying.

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