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Business Degree in UK

Being the most popular destination for a Business degree in the world, the top  UK universities for Business studies account for attracting more than 500,000 students enrolling on an annual basis.

This makes it an extremely lucrative option for International and EU students as they are keen on making a name for themselves in the corporate world.

But the confusion arises when making the decision of choosing the right Business degree course.

This page will offer valuable information that will help you choose the right Business degree in UK.

Business Degree Jobs and Salary

Business degrees are so popular because they guarantee employment in all domains and industries (besides professional occupations such as engineer, doctor, etc.).

Besides that, they are sure to land you a job anywhere in the world, for the career path of a business graduate is forever bright.

Top Jobs for Business Graduates

Some of the top-paying job positions that you can get after having completed your business course include:

  • Business and management analysts
  • Financial advisors and analysts
  • Accountant
  • Sales Manager (in a number of industries)
  • Human resource manager
  • Business agent or manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Personal financial advisor
  • CEO

Other than the ones mentioned above, you may even choose to become an entrepreneur and start a business from scratch.

There are numerous options to explore and sure enough, there is a place for business graduate at any business.

Business Degree Job Salaries

Job salaries for Business Students depend upon experience and the type of degree earned.

The average job salary for business graduates may range anywhere from £ 20,000 to £ 60,000 per year.

Whereas for a mid-level CEO, the salary may range from £70,000 to £80,000.

Entry Requirements for Business Degree Course

A-level requirements for business degree courses vary, but generally, to enter the most popular and high paying/highly demanded courses, you will need three A-levels and one A/B grade.

There is a minimum requirement of two A-levels as a rule of thumb but the requirements for different types of Business studies courses vary. These requirements fluctuate between CCC to AAB with an average of BBB asked by most universities.

Most universities have a requirement of either IELTS (6 bands minimum) or TOFEL (B2 or above). Other than that, there may be a requirement of PTE (Personal Test of English) but it varies.

Best Universities for Business Degrees

Though it depends upon a student’s skill, abilities, and capabilities as to what they make out of their educations, the University market value, along with the quality of education are significant factors to consider when opting for a University to earn your business degree.

Some of the universities that come in highest regards include:

  • University of St Andrews School of Management
  • University of Strathclyde Business School
  • Loughborough University School of Business and Economics
  • University of Oxford Saïd Business School
  • University of Bath School of Management
  • University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School
  • University of Warwick Business School
  • Durham University Business School
  • Kings College London Kings Business School
  • University of Cambridge, Judge Business School
  • University of Exeter Business School
  • University College London School of Management
  • University of Leeds Business School

There are many business studies programs offered by these institutes that can add significant value to your business degree.

Besides the standard and commonly offered business degree courses, these institutes also offer global accredited courses that can add significant value to your career.

Business Studies Testimonials

Studying for a business degree in the UK was easier than selecting from the List of Business studies courses. Not just that it has added significant value to my career, but it has enabled unprecedented professional growth – Daan Jansen.

I can proudly say that my business management degree is paying off really well. There are a number of Types of Business studies courses and there is definitely one that may be just right for you – Hans Muller.

I have greatly benefitted from studying for a business degree in the UK. I am now an accomplished manager in my company and studying in the UK was the best decision of my life – Zuzanna Wojcik.

Study for a Business Degree in the UK

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